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 What the f*ck happened to photobucket

Wait now they're asking their users for money?! wtf
"$400-a-year plan" are they f*cking crazy

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I've been thinking... I basically imported the whole journal but the "semi friend-only" banner is pretty useless now and I didn't subscribe to anyone so i think i'm gonna delete that pinned post, eh.
Anyway the whole migration from lj to dreamwidth has me wanting to write more here lmao even tho i wouldn't know what to say and i use photoshop once or twice a year, maybe? So icon posts are a no go, and who even use 100x100 icons anymore (me).

Mmmh, we'll see how it goes! :D
Aaaaand now i'm going back to read sterek fics because i feel like shit (for a change) and i need my comfort fics.
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So it seems lj has its own heart button now :)



Jan. 5th, 2016 01:27 am
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3 versions of this 'unknown' babe (supposedly Josefumi Kujo) because i couldn't choose :D
(i want to see more of him and what we got in chapter 49 IS NOT ENOUGH!)

aaand Kira!
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Non so cosa farmene quindi ecco qua.
Sono poche per poterle pubblicare su tumblr quindi :°D

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[8] Jojo's bizarre adventures (misc. but mostly Sakunami Karera)

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Sep. 19th, 2015 06:05 pm
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[16] Teen Wolf (Derek, Stiles, Sterek)

the twelweth is basically Dylan but well :°D
i have other icons with Allison but I'll post them later

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Jul. 28th, 2015 01:26 pm
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LJ renovated itself and it looks good, but now it doesn't seem to be much popular's a shame. :/
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[7] The 100


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Some icons i made... lol who cares when?! I haven't been able to properly use photoshop in years so, yeah... OTL

(i made the last one yesterday, because the new promo for season 4 was released and i was suddenly hit by heavy Allison's feels okay. That part with the crossbow was so ...HARD to watch i had to stop the video and go to the bathroom, don't judge, i'm weak)

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i'm so stressed out

it's exam period and i'm supposed to have one one week from now but i can't schedule this fucking exam ugh

i sent the prof an email regarding this problem but she hasn't replied yet and i'm distressed

...this fucking university
i'm so tired

edit: ok she replied and as expected she has no idea why i can't schedule the exam and tomorrow i have to go to the student service office, good.

i'm at THAT point where i'm THIS close to losing my shit and give up everything, i have enough
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Ok, i finally watched it.
I'm not going to say anything, of course, but i'll say there were so many twists...
If there's a word to describe all the sherlock series is unpredictable (at least for me lol)
Counting various theories i've read here and there, no one got anything right about 3x03... and...
..errrrrr idk, i want season 4 ASAP. 
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Ok,  'The Sign of Three'  will air tomorrow night.

in other news i finally caught up on sleepy hollow 1x10 so i'm patiently waiting for the next episode

Anyway guys (who, WHO, there's no one here lol) livejournal is doing a funny thing lately.
Everytime I check my profile page or my messages or try to reply to comments, it redirects me to a fake "Upgrade Java" page, why is that?

am i the only one having this problem...?
I heard it's a recent virus so everytime it happens i just close the window without clicking on anything... and i'm okay.

I want to make a header with photoshop but i don't know where to start.... plus i've been years and years away from photoshop lol
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...and i'm gonna watch it a second time.

4 more days to teen wolf 3B, kill me.
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Karneval Artbook Parade 1
Karneval 11 Limited edition
Karneval spin-off Ashita no yakusoku
So the package arrived the other day after one month, it's not too much really, I've waited like three months for the package to arrive sometimes. I didn't have time to read everything (reading it's a big word, I'm still learning japanese language so XD) so I just gave a quick look at everything, well, not so quick actually.  Karneval artbook is absolutely gorgeous, I'm so glad i was able to buy it and i don't regret it at all. The artbook is huge, I mean, it's the regular size of any general artbooks, and it has an hardback cover. The majority of the illustrations are the ones that we have already seen, plus the ones that were published as extra cards with drama CDs and such, and each illustration has its own explanation at the end of the book. Volume 11 limited edition came out with a booklet (the purple one) with extra comics and sketches drawn by the staff in charge of the anime adaptation (i think? i'm not sure).
The spin off "Ashita no yakusoku" contains all the chapters published on Zero-sum on-line plus some one shot published by Mikanagi Touya some time ago that have nothing to do with Karneval. XD
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/inseriamo banner a random/

La Magic Press ha annunciato (ieri a Lucca) che pubblicherà Doukyuusei e che la pubblicazione dei vari sequel, ovvero Sotsugyosei Fuyu & Haru, dipenderà dalle vendite del primo volume. siamo già capiti, vero?
Impossibile lasciarsi sfuggire un'autrice simile, nemmeno ci speravo che un giorno sarebbe arrivata in Italia.
Nonostante abbia tutta la serie in giapponese (sto aspettando che mi arrivi giusto il primo, visto che all'inizio non era disponibile), questo volume lo comprerò sicuramente (no ma, nemmeno a dirlo :°D).

Visto che ci siamo... la Magic Press pubblicherà anche ADEKAN di Nao Tsukiji!
Un altro titolo in cui riponevo zero speranze per una possibile edizione italiana... lol.
Adesso non possiamo far altro che attendere di sapere la data di uscita di entrambi i titoli. ψ(`∇´)ψ

EDIT: È USCITO IL DRAMA CD DI SORA TO HARA! Purtroppo però non ho ancora avuto il tempo di ascoltarlo, ma Fukujun e Ishikawa Hideo non mi deluderanno, ne sono sicura. (´∀`)ノ
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Posting here hoping someone will see it because sadly, it seems I can't post on [ profile] karnevalesque. 8(
Fixed it. 8D

Mikanagi Touya updated her blog and said that at the Animate Girls festival, they’re going to screen some new clip/trailer(?) of Karneval anime and they’re going to sell new Karneval merchandise:

  • Karneval Desktop Calendar 2013

  • Yogi’s favorite boxer briefs. The ones with Nyanperona’s “ADULT” logo. (I didn’t read wrong…maybe? ボクサーパンツ)

  • Clear coaster set (Gareki, Yogi, Tsukumo & Hirato, Jiki, Karoku ) …coasters?

Yogi’s pantsu? 8°D
Source here:

Someone please confirm/clarify

:° I’m not 100% sure.

She also said that she was surprised when she was asked about Yogi's boxer, I think. 8°D
lol I think anyone would be surprised...

Anyway Karneval volume 10's limited edition was released the other day along with the bonus DVD that consists in 40min. of original contents (PV anime and seiyuu discussing the characters, I think?). GIFs and screens are floating around on tumblr but there's no sign of the full PV yet.