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Karneval Artbook Parade 1
Karneval 11 Limited edition
Karneval spin-off Ashita no yakusoku
So the package arrived the other day after one month, it's not too much really, I've waited like three months for the package to arrive sometimes. I didn't have time to read everything (reading it's a big word, I'm still learning japanese language so XD) so I just gave a quick look at everything, well, not so quick actually.  Karneval artbook is absolutely gorgeous, I'm so glad i was able to buy it and i don't regret it at all. The artbook is huge, I mean, it's the regular size of any general artbooks, and it has an hardback cover. The majority of the illustrations are the ones that we have already seen, plus the ones that were published as extra cards with drama CDs and such, and each illustration has its own explanation at the end of the book. Volume 11 limited edition came out with a booklet (the purple one) with extra comics and sketches drawn by the staff in charge of the anime adaptation (i think? i'm not sure).
The spin off "Ashita no yakusoku" contains all the chapters published on Zero-sum on-line plus some one shot published by Mikanagi Touya some time ago that have nothing to do with Karneval. XD
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Posting here hoping someone will see it because sadly, it seems I can't post on [ profile] karnevalesque. 8(
Fixed it. 8D

Mikanagi Touya updated her blog and said that at the Animate Girls festival, they’re going to screen some new clip/trailer(?) of Karneval anime and they’re going to sell new Karneval merchandise:

  • Karneval Desktop Calendar 2013

  • Yogi’s favorite boxer briefs. The ones with Nyanperona’s “ADULT” logo. (I didn’t read wrong…maybe? ボクサーパンツ)

  • Clear coaster set (Gareki, Yogi, Tsukumo & Hirato, Jiki, Karoku ) …coasters?

Yogi’s pantsu? 8°D
Source here:

Someone please confirm/clarify

:° I’m not 100% sure.

She also said that she was surprised when she was asked about Yogi's boxer, I think. 8°D
lol I think anyone would be surprised...

Anyway Karneval volume 10's limited edition was released the other day along with the bonus DVD that consists in 40min. of original contents (PV anime and seiyuu discussing the characters, I think?). GIFs and screens are floating around on tumblr but there's no sign of the full PV yet.
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After some time I decided to post all the manga/anime icons that I made in the past few months (LOL)

Warnings! Shounen-ai contents. (and One Piece spoilers)

[30] One Piece
[08] Karneval; Koisuru Boukun

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All the fan arts are from 4chan, let me know if you know the images' authors so that I can credit them properly, thanks!


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:18 pm
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Hiro Mizushima, the 25-year-old star of the manga-based Absolute Boyfriend, Hana Zakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise, and Lovely Complex projects, will headline a live-action film adaptation of Harold Sakuishi’s Beck rock-and-roll manga. The original manga portrays the lives of five members in a Japanese rock band on the rise, including the charismatic guitarist and band leader Ryusuke Minami (Mizushima).

The other “ikemen” (handsome) band members are 20-year-old Takeru Satoh (Princess Princess D, Kamen Rider Den-O, Rookies) as the vocalist and guitarist Yukio Tanaka/Koyuki, 29-year-old Kenta Kiritani (Crows Zero, Rookies) as the rapper Chiba, 18-year-old Aoi Nakamura (Shinigami no Ballad., Q.E.D., Koizora) as the drummer Yuji Sakurai, and 27-year-old Osamu Mukai (Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Monochrome Factor, Mei-chan no Shitsuji) as the bass guitarist Taira. 30 original songs are being written for the actors to perform with actual instruments after they undergo intensive training. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi (20th Century Boys, Trick, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, H2) will begin shooting the film at the beginning of July, and the film will open in Japan in Fall of 2010.

*urlo di gioia*

Ecco, una notizia del genere ci voleva proprio *_*, mi aspetto tanto da questo film, soprattutto dal cast ù_ù'
Hiro-san non deludermi ~
(anche se è un pochetto gracilino per Ryu °v°')
Takeru Satoh lo ricordo dal drama di PriPri (se penso che c'è anche Ray, il cantante della ED di Sengoku Basara mi viene da ridere XD il video della canzone è proprio osceno ._.') ...uhm carino si XD *incrocia le dita*
Gli altri non li conosco D: tranne Osamu Mukai, che ai tempi di Bambino mi stava tremendamente lì :°D

Se me lo rovinano divento una bestia °A°, quindi spero esca una cosa sfiziosa °v°
così potrò comprare anche il dvd

BTW ieri notte, cercando alcuni capitoli dell'antologia Arcana (quelli disegnati dalla Minekura) mi son imbattuta in un manga che ha attirato la mia attenzione :D e sempre ieri notte ne ho letto il primo volume in inglese e i primi capitoli del secondo (poi tutte RAW XD) mi stupisco di me ._.' sta di fatto che l'ho trovato proprio carinissimo.

Karneval di Mikanagi Touya

La trama è carina e i disegni mi piacciono molto *A* però li ho già visti da qualche parte...mi ricorda un pò anche lo stile dell'autrice di Loveless °_° (non che lo segua assiduamente..sarà per gli occhi D:)

Per chi volesse leggerlo ci sono i primi 8 capitoli in inglese su Mangahelpers mentre le Raw si trovano su Aarinfantasy (tranne i capitoli 19-20-21 che sono stesso su MH)

Riprendo a girare su internet e poi vado a dormire perchè domani devo partire presto 8|
(che caspio di due palle)