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Posting here hoping someone will see it because sadly, it seems I can't post on [ profile] karnevalesque. 8(
Fixed it. 8D

Mikanagi Touya updated her blog and said that at the Animate Girls festival, they’re going to screen some new clip/trailer(?) of Karneval anime and they’re going to sell new Karneval merchandise:

  • Karneval Desktop Calendar 2013

  • Yogi’s favorite boxer briefs. The ones with Nyanperona’s “ADULT” logo. (I didn’t read wrong…maybe? ボクサーパンツ)

  • Clear coaster set (Gareki, Yogi, Tsukumo & Hirato, Jiki, Karoku ) …coasters?

Yogi’s pantsu? 8°D
Source here:

Someone please confirm/clarify

:° I’m not 100% sure.

She also said that she was surprised when she was asked about Yogi's boxer, I think. 8°D
lol I think anyone would be surprised...

Anyway Karneval volume 10's limited edition was released the other day along with the bonus DVD that consists in 40min. of original contents (PV anime and seiyuu discussing the characters, I think?). GIFs and screens are floating around on tumblr but there's no sign of the full PV yet.
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