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Things I bought at Napoli Comicon ~

I'm so happy I found Gankutsuou dvds at 3 euros each ... but I only found the first one and the last one OTL The stand where I bought them was a mess, there were lots of hentai dvds too, lol. I spent hours searching for the other ones but I found nothing, sadly ;_;

..and some random number of Kiseiju, published years ago. I didn't even know it had been published in my country... OTL

Adekan's italian edition is fabulous (the translation is also really good).

This is the illustration inside the dust jacket:

and action figures 8D
Kaburagi T. Kotetsu / T&B - Master stars piece (Banpresto)
Josuke Higashikata / JOJO - Master stars piece (Banpresto)

LOL Sorry i forgot to post it here before, sorry. Not like anyone even cares but well x°
guess three months delay is not too much

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