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Karneval Artbook Parade 1
Karneval 11 Limited edition
Karneval spin-off Ashita no yakusoku
So the package arrived the other day after one month, it's not too much really, I've waited like three months for the package to arrive sometimes. I didn't have time to read everything (reading it's a big word, I'm still learning japanese language so XD) so I just gave a quick look at everything, well, not so quick actually.  Karneval artbook is absolutely gorgeous, I'm so glad i was able to buy it and i don't regret it at all. The artbook is huge, I mean, it's the regular size of any general artbooks, and it has an hardback cover. The majority of the illustrations are the ones that we have already seen, plus the ones that were published as extra cards with drama CDs and such, and each illustration has its own explanation at the end of the book. Volume 11 limited edition came out with a booklet (the purple one) with extra comics and sketches drawn by the staff in charge of the anime adaptation (i think? i'm not sure).
The spin off "Ashita no yakusoku" contains all the chapters published on Zero-sum on-line plus some one shot published by Mikanagi Touya some time ago that have nothing to do with Karneval. XD
Heres the list:

  1. Ashita no Yakusoku #1 (明日の約束)

  2. Ashita no Yakusoku #2

  3. Yoku dekita sekai #1 (良く出来た世界)

  4. Yoku dekita sekai #2

  5. Hitsuji ga ippiki #1 (ヒツジがいっぴき)

  6. Hitsuji ga ippiki #2

  7. Kakure oni (かくれおに)

  8. Mitsu to sansha no jikan (3つと3者の時間)

  9. Criminal Eater (クリミナルイーター)

and that's all *w*/
I'm sorry if some things aren't clear but I'm not used to write in english >w<
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